Originally founded in 1973, InfoDirectors has been on the cutting edge of emerging technologies for more than 40 years. The company was relaunched in 2001 in its current business model;  a strategic technology company specializing in the business and technology of medical practices.


The InfoDirectors of the 1970 and 1980s was instrumental in many projects including the design and implementation of Jacob Javits Convention Center Administrative Computer facility and the design of disaster recovery systems and procedures for Amerada Hess Corp. The company’s original principle was Barry Blumenfeld, one of the first people to get a Bachelors in the field of Data Processing in 1970.

  • I often refer to myself as "NextGen spackle" in that I can fill in as much or as little as necessary

  • I pride myself on being the consultant that I would want to hire. I work with integrity and will always keep my client's best interest in mind.

  • I will always try to find a solution within the system prior to suggesting custom development. I want my practices to succeed in the most efficient ways possible.

  •  I am always happy to "teach ( a practice) to fish," but I am also proud to say that I have an incredible retention rate. I still support my very first practices whenever they need.

  • I have been told I have very knowledgeable clients. I try to make everything a teaching experience and it makes me happy to ensure they are well informed.

What makes Julie different from other consultants?  We asked her the top things she'd want someone to know.

About Us

Five Things Julie Wants You to Know

With a passion for clinical information and a head for technology, Julie is a pro at bridging the communication gaps between IT and providers, administrators and ancillary staff, being able to explain technology concepts in a way that everyone can understand. 

Back in the '1994, Julie was queen of the downloads. Here's an appearance on CBS News.

Following in her father’s footsteps, the current principle, Julie Chiesa, has been working with emerging technologies since the early 1990s. Her career began in technology publishing; working for WINDOWS Magazine during the surge in personal computing through the launch of Windows 95 and the use of online services and the Internet. She wrote a popular monthly column called “Superior Shareware” before the word download was part of the mainstream lexicon. 

She is also touted as a pioneer of online publishing working on one of the first commercially available websites, TechWeb, and publishing content on early online platforms like AOL, Compuserve, The Well and GEnie.

In 2001, she relaunched InfoDirectors, first working in website and social media marketing for medical practices and quickly moving into the Electronic Health Records space, eventually becoming a NextGen  expert.  Today she works with organizations across the country and prides herself on having helped hundreds of physicians and their staff succeed.


Founder: Barry Blumenfeld

Current Principal:Julie Chiesa

Location: North Carolina

Hours: 24/7


About Julie Chiesa

History - More than 40 years of Emerging Technology